Inter-university Conference 2020

Our first - and largest - event of the term is going to be the Inter-university Conference with our partner societies, the Oxford University Physics Society and the Imperial College London Physics Society. This is going to be open to everyone, regardless of membership, so feel free to share the following information with anyone who may be interested.


We have set up a Slack workspace, which you are invited to join already now: We have set up this workspace to try and have an experience as similar as possible to an in-person conference. You are welcome to use the “general” channel to introduce yourselves, talk about any topic you’d like to discuss (whether in physics or not - as long as an appropriate tone is kept), except the ones treated by the talks, and to get to know each other. The channel “Discussion and questions” has been created to allow discussion of the topics treated in our talks, both among the participants and with the speakers themselves. You will also be able to ask questions to the speakers on the same channel after the zoom Q&A session has ended - we are still waiting for confirmation from some speakers that they are willing to engage in this, but we are confident in a positive response.


The slack workspace is not only a space to ask questions and discuss physics, but also to network and to ensure you have - as much as possible - an opportunity to reach out to one another. You are welcome to create separate channels to create discussion groups on topics and to advertise them in the “general” channel. The workspace will remain open for several weeks past the conference, so you will still be able to communicate through it, and to see past messages. We really believe that, if enough people use it, this slack workspace can significantly better your experience as attendees - in fact, it was through a slack workspace at a different conference that one of us made contact with one of the most high-profile speakers in our society’s academic events. 


The full programme can be found below. We hope to see as many of you there as possible!