Previous committees have arranged many amazing events ranging from academic pubcrawls to trips abroad! 

For every event that takes place, you can submit a blog about it. Once it has been approved by commitee members we will post it online. To submit a blog send it to labelled as "webblog".

14/10/2020 at 6pm

Prof. Barry Barish, the 2017 Nobel laureate for Physics, is known for his work on gravitational waves and his role on the LIGO detector. 

Online talk by Prof. Barry Barish (2017 Nobel prize in Physics)     

Academic Talks

11/11/2020 at 4pm

Online talk by Dr. Clara Sousa-Silva

Dr. Clara Sousa-Silva is a researcher at MIT and the leading expert on Phosphine as a Biosignature. She was recently in the spotlight for contributing to the controversial discovery of Phosphine on Venus.

02/12/2020 at 3pm

Online talk by Prof. Carlo Rovelli

Prof. Carlo Rovelli is a world-renowned physicist, a leading researcher in the field of loop quantum gravity, a theory that aims at unifying general relativity and quantum mechanics. He is also a science communicator and author of the million-copy bestseller Seven Brief Lessons on Physics.