Academic Talks

26/01/2021 - 27/01/2021

Inter-university Physics Conference

A series of online talks on Beyond the Standard Model Physics, organised together with the Imperial College London Physics Society and Oxford Physics Society.

03/02/2021 at 3pm

Online seminar by Prof. Giovanna Tinetti

Prof. Giovanna Tinetti is the Head of Astrophysics at UCL and a leading researcher on exoplanets.

17/02/2021 at 3pm

Online seminar by Dr. Christian Boehmer

Dr. Christian Boehmer is a researcher at the UCL Department of Mathematics who, among other areas, researches modified gravity. 

24/02/2021 at 2pm

Online talk by Prof. Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell

Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell is a leading astrophysicist. She is most well-known for her discovery of the first pulsar as a postgraduate student (which earned the 1974 Nobel prize to her supervisor but not to herself, sparking one of the most well-known controversies on the Physics Nobel prize).

Date TBD:

Talk by Prof. Didier Queloz (2019 Nobel prize in Physics)                

Prof. Queloz is well-known for his 1995 discovery of the first exoplanet around a main-sequence star (51 Pegasi b) together with his supervisor, Prof. Mayor. Their discovery was awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize for Physics.

For information please contact organisers:

Lorenzo Pica Ciamarra (l.picaciamarra.19@ucl.ac.uk) and Zahra Heussen (zahra.heussen.19@ucl.ac.uk)